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      Better Connections

      Stories, tips, and resources to inspire you on your journey toward increased language access.

      Language Steals the Spotlight at the 92nd Academy Awards

      Sharing the spotlight among Hollywood’s elite at the 92nd Academy Awards this past Sunday was an unexpected (though much welcome) guest: Language.
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      How to Design Your Ideal Language Access Plan

      Outcome-based care is transforming the healthcare industry. As providers transition to patient centricity — an approach that encourages patients to ...
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      Topics: Healthcare, Language Access

      Mastering Customer Centricity with Language Data & Insights

      It’s no secret that the cost of acquiring a new customer is significantly higher than the cost of retaining an existing one. Businesses must fight ...
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      Topics: Data, Language Support 101, Tips & Resources

      Why You Should Choose Empathy Today (And Every Day)

      On World Kindness Day, we’re reflecting on the role empathy plays at GLOBO, including the impact it has had on the lives of our customers, employees, ...
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      Topics: The GLOBO Story

      How Quality Improvement Enhances Patient Experience (And Your Bottom Line)

      Equipping providers with the tools and resources needed to provide quality care to LEP patients is critical. Imagine you're a doctor and a patient ...
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      Topics: Healthcare, Access & Outcomes

      How "Open" is Your Open Enrollment?

      Enrolling in health coverage is confusing for everyone. Healthcare terminology can be difficult, even for English speakers. In a 2013 telephone ...
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      Topics: Insurance, Healthcare, Access & Outcomes

      How Coffee & Critique Helps us Speak the Same Language

      Fostering creative engagement, opportunities for low-stakes feedback, and increased visibility across departments in service of better customer ...
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      Topics: The GLOBO Story

      Around the Web: Observing How Linguists Shape the World

      Every day, language professionals around the world work to preserve clarity in public discourse and interpersonal communication. In honor of ...
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      Topics: The GLOBO Story

      GLOBO's Gene Schriver: "The Future is Empathetic"

      GLOBO's CEO Gene Schriver believes the future is empathetic and you should, too. This year, Schriver took home the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year? Award ...
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      Topics: The GLOBO Story

      Boost your Contact Center's Key Metrics with Better Language Support

      Your Contact Center is driving toward efficiencies, better experiences, and empowered customers. Do you know how your language access capabilities ...
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      Topics: Contact Centers, Language Support 101

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