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      On-Demand Text Translation

      Make Your Customer Service Reps Multi-lingual Instantly

      Translate Emails, Texts, and Other Brief Messages with Translation Technology & Qualified Linguists.


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      How it Works

      GLOBO HQ provides effortless On-Demand Text Translation using translation technology and human translators that work in tandem. Simply copy and paste or upload text for rapid and accurate translations. 



      Message Received


      The Customer Service Rep enters the non-English email or support ticket into GLOBO HQ for translation.

      machine translation-01

      AI Translates


      Message is routed through translation technology tools, quickly translating the customer inquiry.


      Linguist Verified


      Professional, qualified linguists conduct reviews on messages to ensure accuracy and nuances.

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      Better Experiences


      The Customer Rep responds directly to the customer in their language, providing a seamless experience.


      "If you want exceptional customer support that covers all your language needs and scales with you, GLOBO HQ is the best tool out there. It's as simple as that."

      Chris Whittington
      Associate Director of Community & Customer Support, NEXON M

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      Streamlined Support

      Used for:

      check Support Tickets
      check Inbound Email Inquiries
      check Form Submissions
      check Discharge Instructions
      check On-the-fly Transmissions


      Drive Efficiencies

      Efficient Translation Technology (machine translation, translation memory, and language detection) expedites communication and drives efficiencies.

      Ensure Accuracy

      Professional, qualified linguists conduct post-edit reviews on all messages to ensure accuracy, consider context, and provide in-language expertise. 

      Improve Satisfaction

      Human translators ensure personal correspondence that matches the right voice and tone factors that machine translation alone tends to lack.

      Scale Seamlessly 

      Avoid the overhead of staffing a multilingual team and leverage translation technology to produce faster turnaround times.

      Learn about GLOBO HQ

      On-Demand Multilingual Support

      24/7 Access
      to On-Demand Translation


      Machine Intelligence
      Meets Human Assurance


      Quick Turnaround
      Configure Custom SLAs

      Language Support at Your Fingertips

      Improve Customer Experience

      Enable customer service representatives to quickly respond to customer support tickets, email inquiries, chatbot messages & more.

      Increase Efficiencies

      GLOBO is the only Language Support Provider that provides actionable, real-time data & analytics to contain costs & drive efficiencies.

      Simplify Language Support

      Order, manage, & track language support across your entire organization with GLOBO's comprehensive suite of services and reporting.




      Ready to Get Started?

      Start the conversation using the form below and a team member will reach out to answer any questions. 

      Additional Resources

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