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      Telephone Interpreting Made Easy with GLOBO HQ

      Experience the fastest connect times and most qualified, industry-specialized telephone interpreters available with smart call routing. Gain insight into linguistically diverse populations and measure KPIs in real-time with customizable reports and data visualizations.

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      We help people communicate when it matters most. 

      24/7 Support

      On-Demand Services

      250 Languages

      [fa-icon="smile-o"] Simplify connections

      Connecting to an interpreter is easy with GLOBO. Just dial your dedicated phone number from any telephone, select the language you need help with, and in seconds you'll be connected to a qualified telephone interpreter.

      [fa-icon="clock-o"] Reduce hold times

      GLOBO's vast, scalable network of professional interpreters and smart routing algorithm ensure you're quickly connected to qualified interpreters, so language barriers never prevent or delay communication.

      [fa-icon="trophy"] Ensure quality

      Interpreters who know your industry's vocabulary intimately are critical to a job done well, so we utilize smart, skills-based routing to connect you to the most qualified telephone interpreter to assist you in every interaction. 

      [fa-icon="bar-chart-o"] Gain transparency

      GLOBO HQ delivers real-time service levels, call details and more so you can ensure the optimal utilization of services, track and manage spend with ease, and hold our agency accountable for service level performance.

      Get Started with GLOBO Telephone Interpreting

      GLOBO's plans are based on the mix of languages in the populations you serve. 

      Plan A

      More Spanish
      pie chart 1-01
      Choose this plan if most of your telephone interpreting calls are Spanish.

      Plan B

      About Half Spanish
      pie charts-02
      Choose this plan if around half of your telephone interpreting calls are Spanish.

      Plan C

      More Other Languages
      pie charts-03
      Choose this plan if less than half of your telephone interpreting calls are Spanish.


      Increased Partnership 
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      Have a unique need? An Account Executive will reach out to understand your use case, advise on options, and craft a custom quote. 
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